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My name is Iwona and I live in a small city in lubelskie voivoidship. I would like to give my testimony about the great grace I was given during the Holy Mass with the prayer for deliverance and healing in the Sanctuary of St. Joseph in Częstochowa in March this year.

I heard about the Holy Masses conducted by Father Daniel in February 2012 and I felt an urge to go there at least once. It became possible as early as the following month – in March. The Holy Mass was preceded by the frank confession at Pauline Fathers in Jasna Góra (Bright Mountain) and deep prayer in front of the picture of Black Madonna of Częstochowa. I left Jasna Góra filled with peace, internal joy and strong conviction that God would shortly hear my prayer. I had been pleading with Him a long time. I prayed the rosary just before the Holy Mass and I said all the prayers which I had with me that day. I wanted to prepare well for the meeting with the Lord in the Eucharist.

The Holy Mass conducted by Father Daniel as well as the prayers for deliverance and healing were deep, special and moving experiences for me. I had never participated in such a service. I felt as if I were in heaven. My prayer was totally different than it had always been before. When Father Daniel said that the Lord Jesus blessed everyone who had come there to ask for the gift of a child I was deeply moved. Yet, when he added that “the Lord Jesus says: you will have children” then I knew that my prayers would be heard. I was going home filled with happiness as the Lord gave me hope that I would have a baby. The promise of the Lord was fulfilled very quickly – in the very same month. Our longed-for baby that I and my husband had been waiting for many years was conceived before the celebration of Annunciation.

I learned that I was pregnant in mid- April. The whole family was overjoyed with it. Yet, our 13-year old daughter Patrycja seemed to be the happiest as she felt quite lonely as the only child and had been waiting for a sibling for 8 years. Our baby will be born before Christmas.

Glory to the Lord for this great miracle which is the gift of a new life.

Iwona, 37 years old

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