I attended the opening meeting on the 20th of October 2012 and I was there only thanks to the the God’s grace as whatever happened was against this trip. I am extremely grateful for the graces which I was bestowed with by God who gave me His gifts that day. I felt so small towards the magnitude of Love who is the Loving and Good Father. I thought to myself that I was good and had the right to demand love and understanding from my family and friends. My husband left me and my children many times. Yet, this time it was me who wanted to leave him. I came to Częstochowa with the pleading for guidelines what to do and hope that Jesus would touch me. It was my greatest desire to feel the presence of Jesus almost physically. When we called Him to come to us at the time of worship I heard the words of Father Daniel who told us not to be afraid and accept His blessing with joy. I wanted it so deeply.

I was kneeling down with closed eyes when I was filled with enormous brightness. Despite the fact that my eyes were closed, it was dark and cold outside I felt intense warmth and brightness which I could not describe with my own words. I had a feeling that Jesus was standing in front of me. My hands started to open and raise and I was crying. I wished this moment could have lasted forever. My heart kept repeating: “Do not leave me Jesus, stay with me here for the whole time and throughout all my life.” I felt deeply inside that I had to be afraid of nothing and nobody since then and that Jesus was with me and would always be. Then He touched my hands. I started to feel warmth in my whole body and almost physical bodily touch. Glory to you Lord that you came to me and for Your embrace which I had wished so deeply since my childhood. 

When Father Daniel said the words about deliverances from the spiritual burdens, but not limited to inter-generational ones, about touching spines and backs by Jesus I felt the same warmth and peace one more time. I felt asleep in the spirit. It was an amazing feeling to be so close to Jesus and experience Him so physically. When I returned to my accommodation I realized that I felt no pain in my spine about which I had been worrying so much. I was sure that it would be so hard for me to stand and sit on the bus for such a long time. However, it turned out that I felt no pain. I could stand, I experienced consolation, I had no pain in my back, my vertebrae returned to their place and my hip was not painful any more. Glory to You Lord for Your Love and Mercy. You are the Lord and Light. Lord, be always in my heart, bless me and my family. Let my husband experience the hunger of Your love so that he will long for it and will come back to You to praise You, love You and believe in You. Bestow our children with the grace of faith and bless them in their lives.

Magdalena Groth