If you would like to contact us please write to the following address:

Pustelnia Ducha Świętego
Czatachowa 50
42-310 Żarki

or email:

(all e-mails sent to this address are opened by the leader of The Community of Love and Mercy of Jesus with a consent and on behalf of Fr. Daniel. This mailbox was mainly created to receive testimonies which are later published on our website. However, we have noticed that it has gained a totally different character with passing time. We believe that it is the will of the Lord and we have managed to help many persons in this way.  Prayer intentions which are sent to this address are then added to the prayer book in the Hermitage and vital news is passed to Fr. Daniel)

Technical issues:

Directions to the Hermitage::

Pokaż Pustelnia Ducha Świętego na większej mapie

Only Sunday Masses and these conducted during the week except for Monday and Saturday take place in the Hermitage.

All prayer meetings take place in the St. Joseph’s Sanctuary in Częstochowa.

The meetings for young people (under 40 years old) start at 6 p.m. and finish about 10 p.m.

Open meetings (for everybody) take place every third Saturday of the month from 6 p.m.  to about midnight.

The church is located at Stefana Okrzei 41 Street


Please do not park your cars on the curbs next to the houses and Lidl supermarket. It is allowed to park only on car parks and places dedicated for this purpose.

Below please find the map with directions.

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Organized bus:

From Jaworzno (through Mysłowice, Katowice, Chorzów, Sosnowiec, Dąbrowę Górniczą, Siewierz);

Bus route is organized by Rafał: 601 875 758  * See the bus route *